Growth Regulation

ProductActive IngredientChemical GroupMode of ActionDescriptionDownloadDownload
Ethephon480g/l chlorethephonPGRProduces physiological effects by regulating plants development following the release of ethylene into the plant.Apply just prior to Poa seed head emergence. Timing and weather conditions at application are very important to achieve a consistent result. Apply in 600-800 litres of water per hectare. With alkaline water sources, add an acidifying agent to maintain an acidic spray solution. Apply under warm conditions.
Primo Maxx120g/l trinexapac-ethylPGRPrimo MAXX for turf growth management reduces the frequency of mowing and the amount of grass clippings by reducing the growth of warm- and cool-season turf grasses. Other benefits, such as increased turf density, increased colour, and increased turf quality, are frequently observed after Primo MAXX applications. Primo MAXX should be applied to actively growing turf, at least 6 hours before or after mowing. Good mowing management leading up to application is required to achieve a good quality turf surface and to obtain the best results.

Primo MAXX reaches the growing point by foliar uptake and is rainfast from rainfall or irrigation after one hour. Watering-in is not necessary for activation.
Matchplay Shortstop200g/l paclobutrazolPGRAbsorbed by roots and transported via the xylem to growing points where it inhibits the production of gibberellins and the rate of cell division.Shortstop is a Growth Regulator designed to inhibit cell elongation. After application Shortstop attaches it’s self strongly to the soil, remaining fairly close to the surface. This is probably the key to understanding the product, as it is the depth of roots of the different grass species that will determine that species exposure to the active ingredient. Ryegrass for example has a much deeper root system than Poa annua and so has less exposure to the Shortstop than the Poa, which has a shallow root system.