Product IDProduct Name
20323-PACKDeluxe Cup (set of 9)
20327-W-PACKD-Cup - White (set of 9)
20305-PACKPlastic Cup (set of 9)
20305H-PACKPlastic Half Cup for putting greens (set of 9)
20320-PACKDeluxe Locking Cup with Liner
20321-PACKDeluxe Locking Cup with Natural Base
Product IDProduct Name
20002-W-D-PACK7’Traditional Pole White D (set of 9)
20002-Y-D-PACK7’Traditional Pole Yellow D (set of 9)
20016-BKW-D-PACK7.5’Tournament Pole British Stripe D (set of 9)
20016-W-D-PACK7.5’Tournament Pole White D (set of 9)
20016-WBKB-D-PACK7.5’T/Pole White black base D (set of 9)
20014-PACKDeluxe Bottom Ferrule (pack of 9)
20110-PACKLocking Bottom Ferrule (pack of 9)
Product IDProduct Name
20603-B-T-PACKTube Flag Blue (set of 9)
20603-R-T-PACKTube Flag Red (set of 9)
20603-W-T-PACKTube Flag White (set of 9)
20603-Y-T-PACKTube Flag Yellow (set of 9)
20605-R-T-PACKSelf Check Red (set of 9)
20605-W-T-PACKSelf Check White (set of 9)
20605-Y-T-PACKSelf Check Yellow (set of 9)
20601-B-T-PACKLinks Flag Blue (set of 9)
20601-R-T-PACKLinks Flag Red (set of 9)
20601-W-T-PACKLinks Flag White (set of 9)
20601-Y-T-PACKLinks Flag Yellow (set of 9)
20621-BW-T-PACKSewn Check Flag Blue/White (set of 9)
20621-WBK-T-PACKSewn Check Flag Black/White (set of 9)
20621-YBK-T-PACKSewn Check Flag Yellow/Black (set of 9)
Product IDProduct Name
60119-PACKR&D Sign Pack includes 10 x White Aluminium signs with green print
60119P-NTLPack R&D Sign (Aluminium) Next Tee (Left Arrow) Green
60119P-NTRPack R&D Sign (Aluminium) Next Tee (Right Arrow) Green
60119P-CILPack R&D Sign (Aluminium) Cart Image (Left Arrow) Green
60119P-CIRPack R&D Sign (Aluminium) Cart Image (Right Arrow) Green
60119P-CLPack R&D Sign (Aluminium) Cart This Way (Left Arrow) Green
60119P-CRPack R&D Sign (Aluminium) Cart This Way (Right Arrow) Green
60119P-GURPack R&D Sign (Aluminium) GUR Green
60119P-NCBTPPack R&D Sign (Aluminium) No Carts Beyond This Point Green
Product IDProduct Name
10016-B-PACKLow Profile Plastic Tee Markers Blue (Box of 20)
10016-BK-PACKLow Profile Plastic Tee Marker Black (Box of 20)
10016-R-PACKLow Profile Plastic Tee Markers Red (Box of 20)
10016-W-PACKLow Profile Plastic Tee Markers White (Box of 20)
10016-Y-PACKLow Profile Plastic Tee Markers Yellow (Box of 20)
60133Spring Loaded Fairway Markers - Plain, Dimpled
Product IDProduct Name
30400-BK-PACKRake Head Ezee Black (Pack of 25)
30406-PACKRake Head Razor (Pack of 25)
30402-PACKRake Head Tournament (pack of 25)
30401-PACKRake Head Super (pack of 25)
30412-1500-G-PACKRake Handle Aluminium Green1500mm (Pack of 25)
30413-1500-G-PACKRake Handle Fibreglass Green 1500mm (pack of 25)
Product IDProduct Name
30011-B-PACKSand Bucket Blue (Box of 200)
30011-BK-PACKSand Bucket Black (Box of 200)
30011-G-PACKSand Bucket Green (Box of 200)
Product IDProduct Name
20853-B-PACKPGM Shield Handle Blue (set of 9)
20853-BK-PACKPGM Shield Handle Black (set of 9)
20865-W-PACKPGM with top ferrule (set of 9)
Various colour PGM Flags are available to suit 20865 PGM Marker.
Product IDProduct Name
20752-F,M or CDG Staysharp back lapping paste in Fine, Medium and Course 5kg
20753-F,M or CDG Staysharp back lapping paste in Fine, Medium and Course 15kg
Product IDProduct Name
20670Hole Trimming Scissors
Product IDProduct ID
BMS-LL760 (760mm)BMS-LL920 (920mm)
Ideal for spreading screened topsoil.
Three open inner bars to catch any small stones in the dressing. 1.8m handle for extra reach when
smoothing out large areas. All 5 bars strongly braced at each end for extra rigidity.
Product IDProduct ID
BMS-LL850 (850mm)BMS-LL1000 (1 metre)
Design to handle the tougher spreading jobs.
Landscaper model is a heavier tool than the Greens keeper models.
All 4 closed bars are designed to remove excess material whilst smoothing over the surface.
Turfgrass Specialists have a full range of Earthway Spreaders from the
2170 Commercial Broadcast (pictured here) to lighter mid-range spreaders
and hand spreaders. Click Here to view the full range.
Product ID 
Pump handle can easily be swapped to either side for ultimate user customisation.
Deluxe shoulder harness with storage area for nozzles and back support cushion.
Internal piston pump delivers up to 150 PSI.
Viton® seals and 21” Poly lined stainless steel wand and stainless steel tank frame.