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TriCure AD100% Block Polymer, Dihydrooxirane, epihydrin12L - 18L3 mthsTriCure AD® is an advanced, non- phytotoxic wetting agent designed to prevent the development of hydrophobic soil conditions and Localized Dry Spots while optimizing use of rain and irrigation water.Techsheet
Terrafirm40% Propanediol 20% Poly(2-methyloxirane) 5% Docusate sodium12L - 18L3 mthsReduces the surface tension of water, improving soil dry-down, speeding up access for play, carts and equipment. Promotes downward water movement reducing puddling and aid to prevent anaerobic soil conditions.Techsheet
MP ShieldLong chain polymeric20L - 40L1 - 3 mthsMP SHIELD helps speed penetration of applied moisture, as well as protecting soil against dry patch by ensuring uniform rewetting for an extended period – from 1-3 months depending on soil type and application rate.Techsheet
MP StrikeShort and medium chain polymeric with humates5L - 20LPenetrantMP STRIKE is a penetrant that helps speed infiltration and thoroughly wet the most hydrophobic of soils. A solution for faster and better wetting, MP STRIKE is designed specifically to complement it’s soilmoisture care colleagues, MP SHIELD and MP SUSTAIN. MP TRIPLEPLAY combines all three products in a dry granular form.Techsheet
MP SustainPatented formulation of linear polymers and naturally derived, soil complexing, organics.10L - 15L2 - 4 mthsMP SUSTAIN is a super absorbent liquid that, after applied to turf and horticultural soil, attracts water molecules and increases the water holding of soil. In doing so, MP SUSTAIN slows the drying cycle of soils in summer, enhancing the soil environment for microbes and turf roots alike.Techsheet
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MP TripleplayMP TRIPLEPLAY is mix of MP STRIKE, MP SHIELD and MP SUSTAIN on an Inert carrier (adapulgite clay)160kg - 200kg3 mthsMP TRIPLEPLAY significantly increases the water holding capability of soil, without interruption to drainage of free soil water. MP TRIPLEPLAY will increase the ability of water to penetrate into the soil by reducing surface tension.TechsheetSDS
PermawetNon-ionic surfactant on a Zeolite particle.150kg - 200kg2 - 3 mthsPermawet is designed to slowly release the surfactant across 2-3 months depending upon watering frequency. The zeolite substrate, or carrier, will remain as part of the soil structure providing cation-exchange improvement and moisture retention.
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TriCure Pellets100% Block Polymer, Dihydrooxirane, epihydrin1 pellet per green1 - 2 weeks170 grams of TriCure AD per pellet. Each pellet provides 1 - 2 week treatment over a green. One pellet per green for easy application. Three pellets per recyclable tube, no more plastic cups.Techsheet
Tournament Ready Plus with actosol pellets227gm pellets1 - 2 weeksTournament-ready proven formula with the addition of humic acid,fulvic acid, calcium, iron and micro-nutrients. Increases soil moisture without causing ‘spongy turf’ problems. Perfect for areas that have poor moisture holding capacity.
Hydro Wet Pellets170gm pellets1 - 2 weeksHelps cool the canopy temperatures of turf grass during high heat conditions.
Pellet ProPellet applicator gun, hose end or inline for quick couple end installation.Heavy-duty surfactant applicator. High-flow valve & precision nozzle combo pellet pro applicator gun.Provides a high volume, yet soft spray. 35+ GPM to get the job done faster. Pellet rotation evenly dissolves tablets.
Liquid ProLiquid applicator gun.Chemical-resistant, UV protected, lightweight siphon mixing system.Covers 92m2 in less than a minute. Paint your turf with liquid wetting agent fertilizer and micro-nutrients. Adjustable metering dial offers 10 settings.
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DewCureOxirane-methyloxirane1.5% or 1.5L/100L water14 daysMoisture management of the foliar micro-environment to reduce disease pressure. Suppresses dew and moisture accumulation promoting faster drying following rain and irrigation. Light frost control minimising frost delays. Cleaner mowing, less clumping. Dryer playing conditions.Techsheet